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Mark Matthews


House District 64

let’s get a doctor in the house!

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Mark Matthews, MD

Mark’s medical career began in the United States Public Health Service, where he served as a commissioned officer and helped patients with ailments such as diabetes and heart disease. Many of the people under Mark’s care were uninsured, and the experience underscored for him the importance of healthcare for all.

During his four decades as a physician, Mark treated thousands of patients of all backgrounds in Colorado and elsewhere. One of his greatest satisfactions was partnering with patients to make healthcare decisions free of excessive outside interference – particularly concerning reproductive health and care for the LGBTQIA+ community.

Giving Back

After Mark hung up his stethoscope, he retired to a small farm in Mead with his wife Ellyn and together they raise chickens, goats and vegetables. The couple, who married in 1978, often donate their surplus harvest to the Weld Food Bank.

Still, the call to public service remained strong, and so Mark decided to run as a common sense candidate for House District 64.

Reason & Compassion

When Mark’s father returned from WWII he found a job as a lineman with a power company that provided good wages and benefits for his large family because he was a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). Mark’s mother was the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants who risked everything to come to America to give their children a better life.

Mark wants to ensure the freedoms and opportunities he grew up with are available for future generations — including his four children and six grandchildren.

As the next representative for House District 64, Mark will bring a voice of reason and compassion to Weld and Larimer counties.

Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews has spent a lifetime caring for his neighbors, and he wants to continue that service as your representative for Colorado House District 64.

BallotPediaFollow this link to Ballotpedia to read Mark’s candidate survey and learn more about his platform and vision for HD 64

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On the Issues

Mark knows that a quality public education system is the best way to launch students towards social, occupational, and economic success. He wants every child, regardless of zip code, to attend a safe and high-quality school with ample highly qualified teachers and administrators. The best method of supporting public education is by supporting the unions that support education and the teachers who make it thrive.

“Every parent wants their kid to have a great education in a safe, welcoming environment. And most folks agree that teachers are sorely underpaid. I want to work across the aisle to find funding solutions to fix this so all kids have the best shot at a great future.”

As a physician, Mark understands firsthand the value of doctor-patient relationships and will fight to keep the government out of mandating healthcare decisions. Healthcare includes protecting reproductive freedom for everyone.

“In listening sessions across the district, I’ve heard from many people who are fearful that their freedoms are going to be further eroded – the freedom to make choices about their own bodies, the freedom who they can marry. I want to make sure Colorado enshrines those freedoms in our Constitution, settling the matter once and for all.”

Housing costs have skyrocketed in Colorado and has resulted in fewer people with adequate housing. Matthews plans to make affordable housing a top priority in the 2024-2025 session.

“So many Colorado families are struggling every day to pay rent or their mortgage, along with all of the other rising costs of living. Their voices need to be heard at the capitol. I want to be the voice that advocates for working class families in northern Colorado.”

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